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You can choose a training quiz for each of the nordic countries or for the whole of Scandinavia and Iceland (Norden). Every quiz allows you to choose 5, 10 or 15 questions, and gives you a choice of 20 seconds or unlimited time to decide your answer. When you've done your training quiz you can register your score and it will be placed on the results list, if you wish.

A correct answer earns 1 point, a 'don't know' 0 points and a wrong answer earns -1 point. There are five alternatives for each question, and this should motivate you to use a bird book to study similar/confusion species.  

There are four levels of difficulity. Level 1 covers the most common animals, level 2 includes more species, level 3 quizzes are equivalent to the formal test (not implemented yet). Level 4 quizzes contain all the species registered in your chosen area.

Which species are featured in each of the different levels is decided by which country you have chosen, full country lists are held on each of the seperate country websites. You can find links to these websites on the front page by clicking the map.

Use the cursor on the photographs to zoom into details on the pictures.

The pictures are provided for this project by photographers from different countries. They are protected by copyright, and misuse is prohibited. The pictures may be used in this project only. You can also send us your own pictures (1024 pixels on the longest side), and can place your name, logo etc discretely on the picture for promotion. Contact us for more information.


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